Together we can save mathematician Azat Miftakhov!

Together we can save mathematician Azat Miftakhov!

Young mathematician Azat Miftakhov is a political prisoner. Soon he should be released, but the security forces are preparing a new case. We can save him. Your solidarity is needed now!

Azat Miftakhov was found guilty in the case of the broken window of  “United Russia” (a leading political party) office. His prison term ends in September 2023. However, there is a risk that Azat will face new charges. Only a loud public campaign of support for Azat can stop the fabrication of new cases.


Azat Miftakhov is now 30 years old, more than four of which have been spent in prison. He is a young mathematician with a promising career and research agenda: during his school years, he was the winner of the prestigious All-Russian Mathematics Olympiad. He graduated from the Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University with honors, and was about to defend his PhD dissertation when he was arrested. His classmates and professors speak highly of his mathematical talents.

Azat is a member of the anarchist movement, believing in direct democracy and social justice.

He combined successful studies, teaching, and research at Lomonosov Moscow State University with participation in anarchist projects to combat dishonest employers, fraudsters, and apartment raids. In 2018, an increase in anarchist activity led to fierce repression against this group.


In 2018, an increase in anarchist activity led to fierce repression against this group. Right before Russia was due to reform its pension system and to host the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the authorities tasked themselves with preventing street protests and crushing the anarchist movement to ensure the smooth running of both of these massive events. The persecution of Azat became a continuation of this campaign. Upon his arrest and thereafter, despite being tortured, Azat took a principled position, refusing to testify against himself and others. The FSB suspected Azat of playing an active role in anarchist activities, and they unsuccessfully tried to frame him for making a homemade explosive device. This angered the security forces, and they decided to imprison him by any means necessary. To do this, they re-opened an old case concerning a broken window of the United Russia political party office. Using falsified testimony from anonymous witnesses, they sentenced Azat to six years in prison.

Attempts to imprison Azat on several different charges, testimony from secret witnesses as the main evidence of his guilt, and a huge sentence for a broken window have all caused public outrage. Academics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, students and professors far and wide, mathematical communities all over the world, and people who care about this cause have spoken out in support of Azat.


Recent events suggest that the authorities are not willing to release Azat from custody once his prison sentence ends.
Firstly, the FSB has announced they intend to conduct an investigation into Azat’s alleged affiliation with the so-called “Moscow cell” of the terrorist group “Network,” according to the Russian state-owned news agency TASS.
Secondly, one of the men convicted in relation to the “Network” terrorism case, Igor Shishkin, said upon his release that he had testified against Аzat while being under pressure.
Third, operatives visited another defendant in the “Network” case, Ilya Shakursky, showed him photos of Azat and asked questions about him.
Fourth, Dmitry Pchelintsev, who is also serving his sentence for the “Network” case, was transferred to the FSB-controlled Lefortovo remand prison, and from this prison he urged Azat to “confess”.


Now is our chance to prevent the fabrication of yet another criminal case against Azat.

It is necessary for as many different people and organizations as possible to publicly speak out and ask for the persecution of Azat Miftakhov to stop. We need the voices of people from all over the world!

Write a social media post or make a public statement in any format of your choice demanding the release of Azat Miftakhov. Send us a link to your statement via email or on Telegram.